I’m kind of a big deal

Ok, maybe not so much. But I was featured in a real live press release. And it’s alllll over the internet. It’s everywhere. Across the globe. And they used an excerpt from my very cheesy write up about myself on this here website and now the whole world is aware of how dorky I am. Fantastic.

Click here to read the release from Deer Valley Resort about their apres ski music at Edgar’s Bar and Spirits lounge, where I will be playing this Saturday from 3-6. Shameless self promotion.

I did read my name in the local paper, the Park Record, the other day and had a mini freak out. It was just an ad for a restaurant in town (The Riverhorse on Main) and it listed their entertainment for the month. My name was right there on the list. In bold text and everything. It’s the little things….


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  • Alicia
    August 7, 2014 at 8:48 pm

    I updated my bio, so it’s less cheesy. Hopefully this will prevent further self-inflicted embarrassment.

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